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Jamie Goldberg, LAP

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Jamie graduated from Georgia State University with a master’s in professional counseling in 2005. Since that time Jamie has worked as a therapist, yoga instructor, journaling facilitator, editor and writing coach. In 2009 Jamie started volunteering at the Shearith Israel night shelter, offering guided journaling workshops. After completing yoga training in 2014, Jamie began blending yoga with guided journaling and has offered her workshops for participants at yoga studios, private therapy practices for clients and therapists, and as part of a retreat for young professionals through the Temple in Atlanta.

Jamie believes that the greatest journey is a process of self-growth, leading to deepened self-awareness and greater inner freedom. She believes that the therapeutic relationship is the most important component of therapy.  She uses DBT, CBT, mindfulness, yoga, journaling, person-centered therapy, and somatic tapping. Jamie believes that therapy should be tailored to fit the client’s needs. Jamie uses empathy, humor and creativity to connect with her clients.

In 2009 Jamie created a journaling workshop that she first offered to homeless woman at the Shearith Israel night shelter. After that she began after workshops which combine yoga, journaling and a sound journey.

Jamie has a passion for spoken word poetry and she has read her poetry at Java Monkey in Atlanta.