I have been seeing Silvia Lynch weekly since [redacted]. It is extremely rare that I would take the time to “sing someone’s praises”. However, in this case I felt compelled to do so, as I am so grateful for her expertise. I had seen various therapists in the area which had not been beneficial at all. I had come to believe that therapy was a joke.
In December 2018, I was referred to Silvia by [redacted]. In the [redacted] that we have worked together, Silvia has given me so many helpful tools to move forward with my life. Her extensive knowledge of the [redacted] has been a true blessing. Silvia’s ability to identify and work through problems in therapy sessions is second to none. I share the experience I’ve had with Silvia with others who are in need of an exceptional therapist, or who perhaps like me, had given up on therapy altogether . Thank you for bringing her to our area.