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Depression : NowPast
Mood Changes : NowPast
Anger or Temper : NowPast
Panic : NowPast
Fears : NowPast
Irritability : NowPast
Concentration : NowPast
Headaches : NowPast
Loss of Memory : NowPast
Excessive Worry : NowPast
Wetting the Bed : NowPast
Trusting Others : NowPast
Communicating with Others : NowPast
Separation Anxiety : NowPast
Alcohol/Drugs : NowPast
Drinks Caffeine : NowPast
Frequent Vomiting : NowPast
Eating Problems : NowPast
Severe Weight Gain : NowPast
Severe Weight Loss : NowPast
Head Injury : NowPast


Parents Divorced : NowPast
Seizures : NowPast
Cries Easily : NowPast
Problems with Friend(s) : NowPast
Problems in School : NowPast
Fear of Strangers : NowPast
Fighting with Siblings : NowPast
Issues Re-Divorce : NowPast
Sexually Acting Out :NowPast
History of Child Abuse : NowPast
History of Sexual Abuse : NowPast
Domestic Violence : NowPast
Thoughts of Hurting Someone Else : NowPast
Hurting Self : NowPast
Thoughts of Suicide : NowPast
Sleeping Too Much : NowPast
Sleeping Too Little : NowPast
Getting to Sleep : NowPast
Waking Too Early : NowPast
Nightmares : NowPast
Sleeping Alone : NowPast


Stomach Aches : NowPast
Fainting : NowPast
Dizziness : NowPast
Diarrhea : NowPast
Shortness of Breath : NowPast
Chest Pain : NowPast
Lump in the Throat :NowPast
Sweating : NowPast
Heart Problems : NowPast
Muscle Tension : NowPast
Bruises EasilyNowPast
Allergies : NowPast
Often Makes Careless Mistakes : NowPast
Fidgets Frequently : NowPast
Impulsive : NowPast
Waiting His/Her Turn : NowPast
Completing Tasks : NowPast
Paying Attention : NowPast
Easily Distracted by Noises : NowPast
Hyperactivity : NowPast
Chills or Hot Flashes : NowPast

FAMILY HISTORY OF (Check all that apply):

Drug/Alcohol ProblemsLegal TroubleDomestic ViolenceSuicide
Physical AbuseSexual AbuseHyperactivityLearning Disabilities
DepressionAnxietyPsychiatric HospitalizationNervous Breakdown