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    Cancellation Policy

    In the event that you are unable to keep either a face-to-face appointment or a Telementalhealth
    appointment, you must notify me at least 24 business hours in advance. If such advance notice is not
    received, you will be financially responsible for the session you missed. ​Please note that insurance
    companies do not reimburse for missed sessions and missed sessions will be charged at my
    private pay rate.
    Your appointments are very important to me. I hold your appointments just for you. With proper
    notice, I will be able to adjust my schedule accordingly and I may be able to accommodate clients on
    my waiting list. I do, of course, understand that unavoidable issues come up and will do my best to
    work with you in case of an emergency as I would like the same compassion in return. ​However, if
    you don’t call and don’t show, that is listed as a no show appointment and there are no
    exceptions to no shows. Always notify me if you cannot make an appointment.
    If I cannot make an appointment and fail to provide you within 24 hours notice before canceling (if
    it is not an emergency), I will waive the rescheduled session fee. For illness, if either one of us is sick
    and still able to have the appointment time, we will move from face to face sessions to telehealth for
    that day at the same scheduled time for safety reasons. If either one of us is sick and cannot make
    the scheduled appointment, a good gesture of leniency will be made to reschedule without fees

    Late/Tardy Policy

    I will always try my best to accommodate you. Things happen as a part of life and I completely
    understand. However, your tardiness can impact the session time, proper time allotted for effective
    treatment, slowed progress, diminished results in meeting your goals, and time wasted. Generally,
    clients are allowed a 10-15 minute grace period to continue with the appointment. ​However, after
    that grace period, the session is considered missed and you will be charged for the
    ALWAYS call/email if you may be late and I will do my best to accommodate. It is important to
    note, if you are using insurance, insurance companies have a required amount of time to bill,
    meaning, I can only bill for the amount of time spent in the session. I cannot bill for the amount of time
    reserved for you. I also regret that late arrivals within the grace period will not receive an extension
    of the session time.
    Note: If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, I will be happy to discuss this in the session.

    Please discuss any questions or concerns with your therapist.Your signature on the “Cancelation Policy" form indicates that you have read and understood this document.

    Date of Last Revision: 07/23/20